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Interiors. Fine Art. Photography.
Production Design.
un-official home therapist 

Design... unleashed. Non-fussy, non-micro trending, in 5 years you'll wish you never bought that piece type of design.  I hold a practice that strives to cater to the individual, refining my own tastes and choices for each project, and remain true to each spaces' potential.


I have a vision, though it isn't static, it is a total sum of its parts, with each design component cohesively supporting the overall emotion. A collage of materials, styles, sentiment & color. I believe it is essential to recognize that while design is subjective and personal, meant to evoke a feeling, one cannot limit themselves to just aesthetics.


Timeless, thoughtful & cohesive, playful and sometimes unexpected, I aim to recognize that functionality is key, and when combined with a vision, design can be unleashed to its' full potential. 

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