leah k.

born in ny
raised in la
living in ojai

Leah Berman is a Senior Designer at House of Honey, managing the design studio at their Montecito location. Working under Tamara Honey, the Principal designer & with the Design Directors, Leah loves all phases of her projects and the design's she helps executes at House of Honey. Leah has been with HOH since July of 2018 Leah graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and Media.


During this time she began creating creating large, eclectic mixed-media collages. It was this creative exploration that unknowingly began building the foundation for her design approach & interest in interiors while using her art background in set design & production design. This led to her pursuing a Certificate in Interior Design & Architecture from UC Berkeley Extension. Architectural finishes, space planning & decorative choices in the process of designing of a home is very much like conceiving a collage.

It is a total sum of its parts with each design component cohesively supporting the overall emotion that Leah strives to establish in any given space. Leah's believes it is essential to recognize that in design she is curating an image for a space, a feeling and that while motivated by aesthetics and cohesion, functionality is key.


Leah's caters her design to that of her client's preferences and loves a challenge to make existing pieces integrate with new ones. It is in this belief that the home is sacred, and designing with a sophisticated blend of sentimental and heirloom pieces with modern, contemporary touches makes a space feel both warm and universally personal and also entirely unforgettable. Design with thoughtful character is at the core of her design philosophy. 

 From commercial furniture sales, high-end real estate staging & Film/TV set design, Leah has been working in the design industry for over 10 years. 


In addition to her passion for interiors & art, Leah is an animal lover and amateur nail artist. In 2018, Leah began school again to pursue a Certification in Construction Management, and hopes to complete this program by 2022.