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About LKB

LKB is a bi-coastal studio, and while our home base is in Ojai & Los Angeles, We have worked on projects in Northern California, Utah, Idaho, Florida, New York & Mexico.


LKB was established to function as not only a design firm, but also an endless thinktank of creative endeavors, with secondary mission of teaching the next generation of artists, and lastly, never forgetting that there is always more to learn. 


AT LKB we approach our projects similar to that of a work of art, whether representational, abstract, or literal, we weave together a collage of tile, stone, wood, plaster, textiles & metals to cohesively blend together, while leaving room for projects to curate further. Each design component chosen with care to support an overall emotional &/or functional need from a space. 

While we are a remote based creative team, all working together from different cities & states. Our relationships with fabricators, craftsman & vendors in our working areas helps support our communities. Together, we handcraft a vision for not only what design can be, but for how working culture SHOULD be, one that is not static but constantly evolving. 

We take pride in our process to conceptualize and implement thoughtful, all encompassing approaches to design, and aim to consistently push the envelope, while also creating timeless and non-micro trending design. 

Selected works from
LKB Principal Designer & Founder, Leah Berman,for creative contributions as Senior Interior Designer for CA design firms, House of Honey & Jon Brent Design

Modern Ranch Montecito, CA  


Screenshot 2023-06-22 043302_edited.jpg




Screenshot 2023-06-22 045206.png

Modern Estate 
Montecito, CA  



Private Beach & Yacht Club 
East Cape, Cabo, Mexico


Screenshot 2023-06-22 050606.png
Screenshot 2023-06-22 050816.png
Screenshot 2023-06-22 050945.png

Spanish Eclectic Modern 
Montecito, CA  



Mid - Century  
Montecito, CA  


download (1).png

Montecito, CA  



Published Projects



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